Diabetes Thyroid Endocrine ServicesThyroid Ultrasound

Using state of the art imaging technology and highly qualified and experienced ultrasound technicians, we perform thyroid ultrasounds for initial detection and routine monitoring of thyroid nodules.  This imaging procedure is performed in the comfort and convenience of our office.

Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy Of Thyroid Nodules And Lymph Nodes

We specialize in  advanced cutting edge techniques in performance of  ultrasound guided biopsies of thyroid gland and lymph nodes  in patients with  thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer. This procedure is done in-house  safely and with precision by highly qualified and experienced endocrinologists dedicated to the highest quality of care.

Administration Of Injections For Low Testosterone, Osteoporosis, And Thyroid Cancer Surveillance

  • We administer injections of Testosterone replacement in patients with  medically documented low testosterone levels for optimal health and wellness.
  • We also administer injections of a medication  for osteoporosis in clinically appropriate  patients.
  • Our highly trained clinical staff  administers Thyrogen injections for radioactive Iodine whole body scans in  monitoring and surveillance of  patients with thyroid cancer.    We adhere only to the highest standards of  the Thyrogen administration protocol in our patients.

Diabetes Education

Our certified  on-site Diabetes Educator provides a wealth of resources and education to our Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic patients.  Our patients receive in-depth education on diet, exercise, weight loss, and blood glucose monitoring in the privacy and convenience of our office.   These sessions are highly personalized to your specific needs and are interactive to provide only the most comprehensive and in-depth diabetes management counselling.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device And Glucometer Download

We download state of the art blood sugar monitoring devices and make recommendations for optimal blood sugar control based on expert interpretation by our endocrinologists. This is particularly helpful if you are a patient with fluctuating blood sugars or blood sugars that are not well controlled.